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Blue Moon

Posted on August 22, 2021 at 5:40 PM

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Those damaged by bullies, especially empaths or those highly empathetic, may not see the bully in themselves they've been bullied by. You do after all become your oppressor's will. The educctor, govenor, overseer, priest all have a hand in this. Identify the behavior, release, repeat, and heal.


As people of color, we have more than one layer/level of identity in this will betrothed to us.



I don't normally do this, but today is special. We are in a blue moon, two full moons in Aquarius with second full moon entering, Pisce tomorrow, Monday. If you should have any sudden flashes of insight, you're recognizing past patterns developing into the future. Also, Mercury and Mars are conjunct(in close proximity to one another) Mercury( in its own house, Virgo) needing to share, speak, be heard; and Mars needing to lead social direction carries a strong influence on the psyche. Be careful acting too impulsively, or saying something you'll regret later. Pickiness today is prime with these two together in Virgo. Who is right and who is most perfect issues. Taurus can help method of how you judge and help with true reveals. Truths are coming to the light. This is also a time of healing. Be alright with not fitting in. This is also a time to reveal your unique gifts to the world.


Remember, All points of space and time are connected.





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